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  • Peacock Bass back lit
  • Rainbow 21inch
  • Brookie 21 inch
  • Yellowstone
  • Blue Marlin 67x24 inch
  • Wahoo 68 inch
  • Roosterfish 35 inch back lit
  • Rainbow 22 inch
  • Atlantic Bonito back lit
  • Brown Trout 25 B L
  • snook 28 back lit
  • Redfish 28 front lit
  • Mahi 35 back lit
  • Bonefish back lit
  • DSCN5213 (2)
  • Sailfish 42 back lit
  • First Jump back lit

48" fused glass Sailfish "THE ACROBAT", $3,200.00

This Sailfish, like most of the pieces on this site, is a stained glass piece made up of fused glass elements which are kiln formed in temperatures ranging between 1375 and 1475 degrees. No paints are used. The image below shows the other hanging position with a different detachable pelvic fin.

Commemorative Window at Gate Church in Clarkesville, Ga 43" x 31", all elements fused glass

"FIRST JUMP", 38"x20" $1200.00

  • Jellyfish Lamp(unlit) 13 inch diameter
  • Jellyfish Lamp bue-green 13 inch diameter
  • Jellyfish Lamp 10 inch diameter

Jellyfish lamps and wind chimes come in a variety of sizes with mantles starting at 5" diameter going up to 17" diameter. These wind chimes are hardy enough for high winds as long as they are hung where they will not strike another object. I recommend taking them down for hurricanes.


Remeber, most fish shown on these pages are of the same piece front lighted and back lighted

Mahi Mahi

35", back lit

Mahi Mahi

35", front lit

Blue Marlin

49" x 20" , front lit

Blue Marlin

49" x 20" , back lit

Brook Trout, 25" front lit

Brook Trout, 25" back lit

Brown Trout, 25" front lit

Brown Trout, 25" back lit